Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Spring Spring Spring

What beautiful glorious days we have been having...I love it!  The scale was finally good to me again this week!  Yeah!  Also started a new release in BodyJam (52)  and it is Fab U Lous!!  =) 

This is going to be a short post because I am multi-tasking at work (shame shame) and I am afraid if I spend too much time online here - it won't be long and I will come in one day and this site too will be "blocked"  haha 

I had to share with you all the most fabulous thing that has happened to me in a while tho... I had told one of my friends when I began this journey that part of my goal was that I wanted to lose weight..get fit and feel great - but I wanted to go thru such an awesome physical transformation that I would be able to walk up to someone that had not seen me in a few years and they would not know me.  Well ~ today I had a message from a friend that I had sent a friend request on Facebook... she said " I have been trying to figure out where I know you from... your name seems familar, but I can't place you"  I had worked with this person a number of years ago and my last name had changed since we knew one another.  I explained to her who I was and how I knew her - she said " ohhhh wow!  You have lost ALOT of weight haven't u? You look sooo different!"    YEAH!!!  I love that....  sooo I am on my way!!

Live, Laugh and Body Jam!


  1. ALL RIGHT! That is awesome!

    One of my friends from my junior year abroad in England Facebooked me to say that I looked just the same as I did 20 years ago except thinner. YEAH BABY!

  2. Way to go, I am sure that put a smile on your face. Love u