Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A few steps forward.. huge leaps BACK =(

It's not THAT bad.. really... but some days it feels like it  haha  I gained this week  UGH..  I have to say I was expecting it as I ate like a mad woman this weekend..  I ate enough bread for 10 people...WHY do I do that?? I know good and well when I am popping it into my mouth that it is going to end up on my hips and thighs and show as a gain on that scale - but OMG it tastes soooo good... I just eat it anyways  lol  I want to get that "gym rat" attitude back and bust that scale wide open!!  haha  I can not WAIT to get back to ONEderland and stay there!!  But the more the scale seems to go up and down and up and down.. it worries me that this will be a "forever fight".  I  really don't want to fight this forever..yanno.  I always told myself that if I EVER got to where I wanted to be weight wise - I would NEVER be fat again.. because I hate being this way and I would just not let myself go like that again.  But I have to be honest here... I friggin LOVE food...and I have experienced just how EASY it is to gain 3 - 5 pounds back in a WEEK... a week people... not a month.. or a quarter...  a week!!  Do you know how depressing that is?? It really scares me...

On a different note..in my last post I had noted that I was beginning to see a very slight definition in my  arms..  One poster suggested that I take some pics and document my progress of my arms along the way.  I have to admit - I was not crazy about that idea..because honestly I think my upper arms look like wings instead of arms lol  But I did take some pics.. not sure if or when I will post them..  but I have to say - I was actually impressed somewhat when I looked at them.  At least - the one from the back... not with my arms - but with my overall siloutte.  I can really see a difference in my overall frame =)  That was good to see..  I am going to continue taking similar pics and may post some here from time to time. 

Ok..  about to head to bed..  need my rest to keep me going and stay healthy =)



  1. Go to Dr Oz.com and look at his top 10 suggesins for losing weight. I am going to check it out. That's all I am going to say because I can't lose weight. Everytime I complain to Dr. Shah he tells me some of my meds cause me to retain excessive fluids so guess I need to hit the water bottle more often. Love you and see you soon. Did u eat a lot of bread sticks at Olive Garden???

  2. I can gain 3 pounds overnight! It's so unfair! Very exciting about your arms!

  3. I have the same issues. Lose some...doing great...get some false sense of "hey, I can eat what I want for a bit and it wont hurt"...but then it triggers something that makes it hard to stop and before you know it all the weight comes back and more. This is a "forever fight". I guess everyone has their own cross to bear and we have a problem with controlling what we eat. I am considering talking to my doctor about it. He has told me before, "Everything in moderation." That is not as easy for some of us. But with the right attitude, it could happen..right?

  4. I really don't want to think that I have to deal with this FOREVER... why is it that some people eat like three times as much as I do and can NOT GAIN weight?? That is so unfair... whine whine whine!! and yes I know.. as I tell my son..Life ain't fair! But dadgumit - it should be!! lol

    And yes momma... I ate breadsticks at olive garden.. I ate breadsticks friday night at costas.. I ate bread all weekend UGH!! you know me and my love/hate relationship with bread!!

  5. This is Nancy.
    I have a friend who gave up bread for Lent one year (something I could never do), but now she swears she can take it or leave it.

  6. Sounds like you have the right attitude Cassi. Don't ever give up your fight. We can't always deprive ourselves of our favorites. It's not so bad every once in a while. Hang in there and keep up the good work!

  7. I have a few people that have given up the bread for Lent.. one gave up sweets.. one alcohol.. I know if I could ever get myself to go without it and several other things for any length of time it would be a good thing for me - because your body really does stop craving those things over time.. it's more your mind you have to train after that haha But I just can't seem to get that far.. not giving up tho.. not just yet..