Friday, April 9, 2010

Hey Hey It's Friday *happy dance*

Sorry for the delay in posting this week all - it has not been a happy week on the scale.. but life in general is good =)  I didn't gain alot - but I did gain.  I have decided that starting this next week (on Tuesday since that is my "weigh day")  I am going to start weighing in as if I am starting at the beginning again - and not worry about a "total weight loss" right now.  I think that is one of the things which has gotten me depressed and has kind of kept me veering off track here and there is the fact that I gained some weight back over I have kind of been trying to get BACK to that weight before I really started saying..ok now I have lost THIS much..  and because it is taking me a while - I have gotten down and depressed and fallen off the wagon more than once lately.   

SO.. no more looking back - forward march from here!  =)    My folks made it into town and they will be here over the next month at least... until my BIG bday anyway.  That may be another thing that has really taken a toll on me - that date looming over my head.  When I began this joourney a little over a year ago now- I really wanted to look FABULOUS for my 40th bday.  Unfortunately - I have not quite reached the fabulous mark yet and that stinks.  But - I am not giving up - I will get there.  Wish I could lose as fast as some of these men I see on some of the blogs I am following...  it just amazes me how much faster men can lose! 

I also want to know how alot of these other folks that blog have SOOOO many followers...  I love the folks that do follow me, but it would rock my world if I could somehow up that number - and I have no idea how they do that..maybe they are just more interesting writers  haha

On that note.. I am going to close out for now - catch up with you all soon!

Live..Laugh..Love and BodyJam!


  1. hey there! new follower her with very similar goals. Wish u well. K.
    my blog:

  2. Guys don't have BOOBS that weigh a ton like us women do!!!! P.S. You do look fabulous and you will on your Birthday too!

  3. Awww thanks Dayna! You're always so sweet to me!! I love u!

    And thanks for the following K.. I will have to check your blog out as well =)