Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Short n Sweet

OK - well ... the scale is still headed the wrong direction.... but that's ok... I truly believe the little fluctuation is muscle that I am gaining due to the added step  We'll see in the coming weeks I guess..  My gain this week was very minimal   .6   I can handle that.  I am headed to the comedy club tonite for a "girls night out" though and will eat there..soooo not the best food tonite.  My BABY BOY turns 16 tomorrow (where does the time go folks??) so I will also be going out to dinner and then coming home to eat Blizzard Cake from the DQ..  so I will alert the media now.... do NOT expect a loss next week people :-p   

On the bright side.. a friend asked me to post a "full length comparison" of myself and it is pretty awesome if I may say so myself... love it!!  Can't wait to see the one at the end of this journey and just sit in awe of myself  haha..

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

50 IS NIFTY!! haha

Ok guys..I have officially changed my weigh in day to Tuesday instead of Monday...I mean..really...who wants to weigh in on a Monday anyways right??  And I should have already updated this thing last Tuesday because after whining that I did not hit my 50..after all my workout time on Monday..I did hit my 50 on Tuesday morning.. yeah!!  And let me tell felt awesome!!   The bad news is that I celebrated a little too much this week and gained a pound back UGH!!  and I thought for sure those 4 friggin hours I spent in the gym yesterday would take care of that.. but noooo...  still showing a gain of .8   ppsshhh!!  I know.. I am gaining LEG MUSCLE from all the step classes...*looking at Cynthia here.... THAT'S what yours is too girl!!  hehehe  My good friend at the Shelby County Y that has lost well over 100 lbs  (YOU GO GIRLIE) and btw has already bought her goal size jeans  *sooo jealous!!  has been a little discouraged because the scale has showed a slight gain on her too for the past two weeks... but let me tell you Cynthia..if you are reading this (and you better be  LOL)   you are still looking FANTABULOUS!!  so it's muscle girl...we are gaining muscle!!  =)     I took another pic... this one is a full length of me today..  I finally bought a few items of clothing that "fit me"  now  haha  so the pants are not sagging in the middle and you can actually begin to see my weight loss.. Let me know what you all think.. Need to sign off for now.. Cya!!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Almosttttttt there....LOL

But not quite!! UGH! I soooo wanted to hit that big 50 mark today when I weighed in.. the momentum seems to be back and the motivation is stronger than ever..I wanna see those numbers get lower and lower on that scale baby! I just KNEW I had hit fifty this week... I would have had to lose 3lbs this week to do that - but I thought I had done it when I popped on the scale for a peek on friday and I had lost 2.. lol but when I hopped on today... I have lost 2.5 since last week haha arrrgghhhhhh!!! Makes ya just wanna pick the scale up and throw it sometimes hehehe But...alas... guess that means I will for SURE hit it this coming week!! =) At least I better!!! haha If I head in the wrong direction I will be really ticked off with myself! I got my new car tag for my new Jeep... it says BDYJAM =) hehe I have never had a personalized tag ever - in my life... just another reminder to myself to stay motivated and on track!!

I am in the process of turning my downstairs den that was right beside my bedroom into my new bedroom and am going to make my exisiting bedroom into a walk-in closet for now (eventually I hope for it to be a really nice bathroom with a walk-in closet.. but for now, it will just be my closet). I painted it this weekend and my dad and I will be moving furniture, etc the rest of this week. In this process, I plan to clean out my closet and start getting all the "BIG FAT" clothes out of there and start making room for the smaller ones I am beginning to need =) What an awesome feeling that is!! I can't wait until next summer to hit the Y in a bikini haha !!

I also reached one of those goals I mentioned in an earlier post - and when I am at home and can figure out how to post a pic in my blog..I will SHOW you haha you will all get a kick out of it ..I am sure.. anyone watch "Ruby" on Lifetime I think it is? I am going to blog a little about her show I think later this week..stay tuned! Oh and by the way..thanks for all the comments! They really help me to stay motivated..helps to know people actually read this thing and CARE!! =) Thanks ALL!!

Ok guys..I told u when I figured out how to add pics I would add a pic showing you that I had met one of the goals that I talked about in my earlier posts... sooo here it is  =)  It is still an oversized towel... but it closes by golly  haha  my left boob is finally covered hahaha  see the split at the bottom of the towel - on my leg... mmhmmm that is about how it used to look up top.  YEAH!!
and here is a pic of me by my new jeep I told ya'll about... still not a super model..but I AM coming along ya'll =)

Tuesday, September 8, 2009's about time =)

Weigh in day was good this week... not as good as I would like for it to be - but alot better than it has been the past few weeks. I lost 2 pounds this week - YEAH!! It is so perplexing to me though - cause this week I only went to the gym twice (as opposed to about 9 times) and was very lax on watching what I was eating.. GO FIGURE!!

I got a new car.. that was a huge plus this weekend! Not looking forward to the payments - as I had been car payment free for a while..but with my son about to be sliding behind the was time =) And it is sooo nice to be in something new.

I did have a challenging weekend though overall... my son was diagnosed with swine flu - JOY! Then - I was really excited about a date I had Saturday night. I had been talking to this guy for several weeks - he was very cute, we seemed to have quite a bit in common and overall both of us seemed excited with the prospect of meeting. We had seen pics of one another - so I really didn't anticipate any major shocks or anything. But I guess sometimes people just don't click. It just seems to happen more often than not these days with me and it has left me wondering IS there something wrong with me that I don't see? I have always felt that I have alot to offer the right person..grant it - I NEED to get the extra weight off... but the person INSIDE is a pretty awesome gal! At least I always thought I was - but these stupid guys sure are making me wonder about that. And the bad thing about it is that I have always been such an emotional eater - when I start feeling this way..I just want to EAT!! I have really had to fight some incredible urges to just go PIG OUT!! Part of me feels like if people are not going to like me anyway..why am I bothering?? And then I have to remember - I AM DOING THIS FOR ME!! ME!!! not anyone else..

Met with a different trainer this weekend also - just to get some new ideas to shake things up a little and maybe get me jump started back on the right track again...will see how these things affect my loss in the coming weeks. Stay tuned! =)