Saturday, January 30, 2010

Stay Tuned...

Hey apologies to all of you who have been looking for a new post from me.  I promise I am going to get back on track this next week and stay more consistent =)  My followers are increasing..which excites  I also finally got to meet up with my trainer friend this weekend and he has started me on a more consistent weight lifting plan to go along with all the cardio I was already doing.  Now... if I can just get myself back on track with the should get real interesting again =)

Stay tuned and hang on for the ride..

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Need some motivation!!

I don't know WHAT is going on with me...I think when I jumped off the wagon at Christmas and gave in to my urges for sweets - it was the WORST thing I could have possibly done to myself.  I really thought I was good.. I was going to be able to just jump back in with both feet and start that scale moving in the right direction again..NOOOO PROBLEM...  W R O N G!!!!   I absolutely cannot seem to make myself stop eating bad things.  I know when I pick them up that it is the wrong thing to be putting in my mouth - yet I just stuff it right on in.  Why do I do that??  I have come waaay too far to sabatoge myself now - yet that is exactly what I am doing.  It is almost like I am doing it before I realize it - yet when I do..I just keep eating.  It is driving me crazy!! I have called my trainer friend who helped me get started and told him I really need him to try and help me get going again.  We are supposed to be meeting at the gym Saturday to go over a new weight lifting plan and also talk about some new eating choices soon.  The only thing with him is he stays sooo busy - sometimes our plans change and it is really hard to get some time with him =(

I had already decided back before Christmas that I was not going to post my weight stats here between January and April.  The reason for that is because my folks saw me last at Christmas and I will not see them again until sometime in April and I am HOPING that there is a HUGE difference in me between now and then and I would love to be able to surprise them =)  I had really hoped I would have hit my 100 mark by then as March will be a year since I began this journey... but unless the fat starts melting..I don't see that happening.  We will see I guess..  so stay tuned =)

Thanks all for tuning in - even when I have not been consistent with my postings... =)

Live..Laugh ..Love and BodyJam  =)