Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Spring Spring Spring

What beautiful glorious days we have been having...I love it!  The scale was finally good to me again this week!  Yeah!  Also started a new release in BodyJam (52)  and it is Fab U Lous!!  =) 

This is going to be a short post because I am multi-tasking at work (shame shame) and I am afraid if I spend too much time online here - it won't be long and I will come in one day and this site too will be "blocked"  haha 

I had to share with you all the most fabulous thing that has happened to me in a while tho... I had told one of my friends when I began this journey that part of my goal was that I wanted to lose weight..get fit and feel great - but I wanted to go thru such an awesome physical transformation that I would be able to walk up to someone that had not seen me in a few years and they would not know me.  Well ~ today I had a message from a friend that I had sent a friend request on Facebook... she said " I have been trying to figure out where I know you from... your name seems familar, but I can't place you"  I had worked with this person a number of years ago and my last name had changed since we knew one another.  I explained to her who I was and how I knew her - she said " ohhhh wow!  You have lost ALOT of weight haven't u? You look sooo different!"    YEAH!!!  I love that....  sooo I am on my way!!

Live, Laugh and Body Jam!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Julie Hadden - Biggest Loser Inspiration =)

Well - the scale was not nice to me again today.. still headed in the wrong direction =(  But we all know whose fault that is.. Is it the scales fault?? YES!!  haha  noooo... it is MINE..all MINE...  but alas.. I digress..once again.  I am however, trying really hard to get back in the groove for good and quit jumping on and off again like a crazy train!  I really really wanted to look MUCH different in my bathing suit this year - but I am not going to have that rockin hot bod I wanted to have by this time..  *sigh*  Anyway.. today I want to share an excerpt from a book I am reading called "Fat Chance" by Julie Hadden. Julie was on Season 4 of the Biggest Loser TV show in 2006 and later wrote this book to share her experiences there and how it has impacted her life since.  I am really not very far into the book yet - but it has had some really good chapters thus far.  I am going to take a few pages word for word and put them here (yes people..I know that is plageourism or however u spell that..haha  but I AM giving her credit before I copy it..) because I have really been struggling with staying on track lately and these few pages hit me DEAD ON today...  so here goes:

Daring to Lose the Weight...
If part of life experience is acknowledging the weight we were never intended to carry, then the other part is learning it is possible to lay it down.

Hebrews 12:1 says,"Therefore,since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles, and let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us." I had read that verse a dozen times before, but I'd never noticed how relevant it is to the process of losing weight.

What finally enabled me to start visualizing the "me I would be" was the practice of thinking about contestants from The Biggest Loser seasons previous to mine. I'd think about  the players who had gone before me and who had endeared themselves to me by their hard work and their determination to honor their goals. And I'd think about the dramatic transformation they'd known as a result of refusing to quit. It was yet one more example of my being accidentally biblical in my approach to life. Without intending to, I'd crafted my own "cloud of witnesses" that could inspire me and push me and see me through to the end.

For once, I could see the Julie that God intended me to be, the less burdened woman who had been hiding within. For once, I felt my body changing and those extra weights melting away. For once, I was doing it - I was actually finishing what I had started.

For once.

My newfound appreciation for that verse in Hebrews has caused me now to believe that everyone can throw off the extraneous things weighing her down. The writer of that verse didn't approach the idea timidly. It's not like he said,"You know, give it a little thought, and if it seems like a good idea to you, then maybe get rid of your weight."

Far from it.It's more like,"Get the weight gone, girl. Get it gone!" Remember the great cloud of witnesses. And throw off what hinders and entangles you. Think about who's gone before you, and choose now to lay down your weight.

I originally wanted to be on The Biggest Loser because I thought it was going to be fun. I wanted to be the cute, peppy, happy-go-lucky girl who made everything cheery and everyone laugh. But I got there and realized that the joke was on me. You see yourself differently when you are forced to acknowledge your weight, and ultimately to lay it all down. I felt crippled in every way while I was on campus: At various points along the journey, it seemed I'd been stripped of every form of support - emotional, physical, spiritual and more. But it would take being broken in every possible way before I'd agree to get my weight gone.

And so it is with that verse in Hebrews 12. The instructions found there only work when you stumble upon a crossroads and dare to take the riskier path. For me, that crossroads was the intersection of streets named Big Change and Big Forever. Would I embark on "big change" or would I settle for being "big forever"? Which path would I choose?

My self talk went something like this: "Decide today that you want this change badly enough to pursue the person you deserve to be, or say to yourself right now that you're going to be content with being fat every day for the rest of your life."

I was thirty-five years old and facing a do-or-die situation. Which path should I choose?

Those words from Julie could not have come on a better day for me...  big change or big forever?? I don't want to be big forever... if I did - I never would have begun this journey.  I already have a few "clouds of witnesses" that inspire me every day..whether they realize it or not.  I have Tyler - whose blog at inspired me to start the blog you are now reading.. and whose weight loss and own story are absolutely phenomonal! I have Nancy - my "gym buddy" who I met at the gym and has turned into one of my really good friends and is always encouraging and says the greatest things..exactly when I need her to!  My parents - who have always encouraged me.. no matter what.. even when I don't feel like getting out of bed.. much less hitting the gym  LOL  My beautiful boy.. tho he has NO clue that he keeps me going!!  My friend Cynthia (who I also met at the gym) this chic looks soo friggin amazing!! She has lost over 100 lbs in the past year and she always has an encouraging word for me!  My trainer..Jim - who I will always know as Jerry (insider) keeps me on my toes and works hard to keep me on track! My friend Belinda - who goes to work out with me at lunch - there have been lots of days I would not have gone if she had not been there with me! My friend Melissa is always very encouraging.. and I absolutely could never have made it thru without my Jam partner Jason!!  or my awesome instructors/friends... Felicia, Ashita and Michelle..Stephanie and Sue... those girls ROCK!!!   And Miss Dayna - who I can always count on to leave me a comment or two =) I am also hugely encouraged by all the other awesome bloggers I follow here... there are some incredible folks online.. you should check them out!  Thanks to ALLLLL of you!!

Live..Laugh..Love..and YESSSSSSSS  BODYJAM!!  =)

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A few steps forward.. huge leaps BACK =(

It's not THAT bad.. really... but some days it feels like it  haha  I gained this week  UGH..  I have to say I was expecting it as I ate like a mad woman this weekend..  I ate enough bread for 10 people...WHY do I do that?? I know good and well when I am popping it into my mouth that it is going to end up on my hips and thighs and show as a gain on that scale - but OMG it tastes soooo good... I just eat it anyways  lol  I want to get that "gym rat" attitude back and bust that scale wide open!!  haha  I can not WAIT to get back to ONEderland and stay there!!  But the more the scale seems to go up and down and up and down.. it worries me that this will be a "forever fight".  I  really don't want to fight this forever..yanno.  I always told myself that if I EVER got to where I wanted to be weight wise - I would NEVER be fat again.. because I hate being this way and I would just not let myself go like that again.  But I have to be honest here... I friggin LOVE food...and I have experienced just how EASY it is to gain 3 - 5 pounds back in a WEEK... a week people... not a month.. or a quarter...  a week!!  Do you know how depressing that is?? It really scares me...

On a different my last post I had noted that I was beginning to see a very slight definition in my  arms..  One poster suggested that I take some pics and document my progress of my arms along the way.  I have to admit - I was not crazy about that idea..because honestly I think my upper arms look like wings instead of arms lol  But I did take some pics.. not sure if or when I will post them..  but I have to say - I was actually impressed somewhat when I looked at them.  At least - the one from the back... not with my arms - but with my overall siloutte.  I can really see a difference in my overall frame =)  That was good to see..  I am going to continue taking similar pics and may post some here from time to time. 

Ok..  about to head to bed..  need my rest to keep me going and stay healthy =)


Tuesday, March 9, 2010

need more momentum....

I am back on track...for the most  But I seriously need to see the numbers on the scale decreasing steadily...I lost this week..  but barely a pound.  I would give anything to see some higher numbers more consistently again.  I mean.. it is not like I am NEAR my goal weight and just need to lose that last 10 pounds. I have over 100 pounds to go..   I try to look at smaller goals and not get too discouraged by looking at the "big picture" so to speak - but it is really hard not to. 

On a good note... I am just starting to see the slight beginnings of some definition in my arms. It is not much - mind you..and most other people would probably not even notice... but seeing as how for me my upper arms, inner thighs and belly are my trouble spots as far as I am concerned.. I can tell =)  It will rock when the wings start to fade and become muscles rather than flabby skin  haha  but I am sure that will be a good while in coming. 

Well.. I will probably write more during the week..or on the weekend..but I have not been sleeping well and am very very tired.  I think I am going to turn it in...  later all..

Live, Laugh and Love

Saturday, March 6, 2010

So Blessed!

What a beautiful..gorgeous day this has been =)  We have had sooo many dreary, cold days - the sun popping thru those clouds today and the temp rising to an actual 60 degrees.. man I thought it was summertime already hehe  I went out last night with my singles group and we went to eat and then went roller skating.  It was really fun!  I have not been on skates in YEARS... but wow - it was really a blast!  I am so glad I have met this group of folks - they are pretty cool friends.  I wore my Body Bugg skating - and burned 700 calories in 2 hours!  It was awesome!  Then I got up this morning and went to Body Jam... burned 600 calories in about 50 minutes.  I posted on my facebook status that I had burned 600 calories in 50 minutes... that was ALMOST as fast as I could EAT them hehehe

While reading thru the comments on my last post... I noticed that Erika had given me the "Beautiful Blogger" award..  I have posted it on my Blog... check it out..super cool... THANKS ERIKA!!  That totally made my week!  Now..according to the rules of receiving the award... I have to post 7 things about myself... and then pass the award on to 7 other bloggers that I feel deserve it.  It was hard to pick 7 because I feel like there are ALOT of great blogs out there... but you will see my choices at the end.. Now on to the good stuff...ALL ABOUT ME  as Happy Bunny would say.... =)

1.  I am a Christian - this is the first thing I would ever want anyone to know about me.  I hope that if you are ever around me for any length of time.. you would know that and I wouldn't have to tell you  =)
2. I have an awesome 16 year old son whom I adore..and a gorgeous 17 year old step daughter that I am not allowed to see because of the new person in her dads life =(
3. My parents are  volunteer missionaries with the home mission board - and my brother is currently in seminary... very very very proud of all of them!
4. I work with the childrens ministry at my local church - and LOVE it!  Children are definately my passion!
5. I dream of having the kind of marriage my parents have...
6. I love to sing - tho I am not a professional by any stretch of the imagination... I love love love to just belt it out when I am driving down the road listening to the radio =)
7. I fear growing old alone...

ok... enough about me!  lol  Now on to the awards....  *clapping hands*

I would like to pass this award on to 7 very deserving ladies..  I enjoy reading their blogs and relate to them - really well =)  Thanks for sharing and keep it up ladies!!!  *drumroll please*
1. Keelie...  U can find her blog at
2. Michelle...  Look her up at
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4. Dawne ...  Read her wisdom at 
5.  Someday SkinnyMinnie ... this is a girl after my own heart  lol  check it 
6.  Krys ..  click this one =) 
7. Lynn ..last but not least.. 

Ok ladies... your turn to pass the torch =)  Have fun!


Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The scale was good to me today =)

FINALLY!!  A move in the right direction  =)  I have really been trying to get back on track with my eating - and I worked really hard this week nutritionally as well as in the gym.. I LOVE it when it pays off  hehe  I lost 4.6 pounds this week  yeeeehaw!!  If I could only do THAT every week for the next year it would be fantabulous!!  I was sooo hoping to be minus at least 100 pounds by this month.  I have officially been at this new lifestyle now for a year...alot of people lose over 100lbs in a years time.. I thought surely I could do that - especially with as much time as I was spending in the gym!  But..  it just was not meant to be for me in that time frame I guess =(  so it will take me longer than I wanted it to - to meet my goals.. but rest assured..I WILL meet my goals!!  And I guess the slower I lose it...the better it is for my body - the more time it gives my skin to adjust to the loss and tighten back up so maybe I won't have all the nasty saggy skin that some people have when they lose alot of weight..AND hopefully it will also mean that it will be easier to keep it off =) 

My trainer pushed me today wanting me to voice some new goals - AND set a time frame to meet them in.. I kind of side stepped the challenge for a little while - soooo he decided to set them for  He wants me to hit 75 total pounds down by June  and hit 100 by November.  I think that is workable - but wow would be AMAZING to hit the 100 by my birthday.. which is May 11th.  That is most likely an unreachable goal - but I tell you what..I am going to go full speed ahead these next two and a half months to see how close I can get to reaching it... I mean the title of this blog IS headed to forty and fabulous...and I WILL be forty in two and half months...sooo  hang with me folks and wait for the birthday pics =)  even if I don't hit the 100... I guarantee you my bday pics are going to be HOT  hehe

Live Laugh Love