Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Allright!!  Back on the right track..yeah!!  I lost 3.8 pounds this week  woo hoo!!  Brings me to a total of 56 total pounds lost - which is very awesome..not really complaining...but when I look at my overall goal and where I should be...I am actually 16 pounds behind.  =(    Sooo..I guess I just need to take a deep breath..buckle down and get busy and get it done!! 

I found a new class tonite that I think I am going to love almost as much as Body Jam.  I think my body had begun to get too used to some of the things I was doing - so I have been trying to change it up just a bit and see what happens.  I did Zumba first tonite - which I have done before, but really wasn't crazy about it.  It was a little better tonite - but still not a fav.  But then, I tried a brand new class that a friend had told me about called "Jump to It".  It is an aerobics class..done on mini-tramps!  OMG  it was a WORK-OUT baby!!  I just hope I can walk tomorrow  haha  I just need to double up on my jog bras next week to see if that helps any with the "bouce"  haha

Alright guys..need to get some rest now..time to sign off..  Leave luv!!

Live,Laugh & Love...

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Maybe it's the rain?!?

hahaha  not really...I know FULL well that I have no one to blame for the scale this week but ME :-/   I gained two and a half pounds this week.  Why is it soooo easy to gain it and so friggin hard to lose it again? Just seems so unfair! I mean..it is not rocket science - I know I ate ALL the wrong things ALL weekend long. I love my weekends - but they are my downfall alot of the time.  I sit home - watching the TV..and inevitably end up stuffing my face with things that I would not dream of eating during the week. WHY do I do that?  I work soo hard all week long - and then blow it all in 2 days!!  And it is not because I don't work out on the weekends either..because almost every saturday I spend at least 2 hours in the gym. I work it too.. Here is a pic of me at the gym one Saturday morning before my workout and then right after my 2nd hour.. I definately give it my all...lol

The back of my hair is as wet as the front here..lol

I also love the way I feel after a good long workout. I am always super tired - but energized at the same time if that makes any sense.  Lately tho - I have been having problems with one of my heels. It doesn't bother me much while I am working out..but as soon as I quit - it really hurts.  Sometimes I can't even walk on it afterwards..which is odd.  Several folks have told me they thought I may have a bone spur in my heel  =(  Not good.  But I have to work out... I have waaay too far to go to quit now.  I may just have to get myself an early Christmas present and invest in some new shoes. I hate to do that because I have spent so much money on shoes since I started working out - but I really need these.  I have done alot of research and asked around and I feel like these will be the ticket.  I am looking at Nike Shox Ballo cross trainers.  I don't know - maybe I could sell some of the others I have bought that are barely used on craigs list or something. 

I am also still looking into the BodyBugg.. I really think it's cool =)

Ok peeps..that's all for now..leave stuff and spread the word..


Wednesday, November 4, 2009


I sooo wanted to lose this week - even if it was just a pound..lol  But I guess maintaining over Halloween weekend was pretty good =)  At least I did not gain either..that's something I guess.  I am beginning to get more followers..so I am going to have to do much better with my updates.  I think of stuff all thru the day that I will want to share - but alot of times by the time I get home at night it has completely left me..lol  I need to  be up on my treadclimber right now working my butt off because I just ate hot wings for dinner :-0  hehe  but they were sooo good!  I had southwestern eggrolls from Chilis on Monday too.  Yanno - this IS real life... there are going to be days when I just have to have what I am craving to be able to continue on my journey.  I am ..afterall..NOT on a diet =)  

I finally got set up on the FitLinx machines at the downtown gym today..yeah!  I have been set up on them at the gym closest to my house almost the entire time I have been working out again..but also spend alot of time at the downtown branch..so it will be great to be able to do the weights there now as well.  I reached my "yellow" level last week..earning a workout towel.  I had previously won a water bottle for the 1st level.  Those are silly little awards - the towel I will probably never use, but it still felt great to reach that level.

My son is now driving - which is great..but also kind of stressful.  He does a great job.. but it does not keep me from worrying about him daily..lol  He is a great motivator that keeps me moving towards my goal. He told me the other day how proud he was of me for "sticking with it this time".  I can not wait to pose for that "skinny" pic and be able to see the proud look on his face!

Well.. guess it is time for me to call it a night...more later =)

Live,Laugh..Love -