Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Ready for a New Year....New Me?? ... YOU BET!!!

Well...  this has been a trying year in alot of ways..  but I turn 40 in 2010 and as the name of my blog implies I AM headed to 40 and FAB U LOUS baby!!  It may take me a little longer to get to the actual goal I think I want to be at - or I may decide that the weight I chose is not a healthy weight for me..only time will tell that - but I definately still have a long way to go before I am happy with what I see when I look in the mirror every morning.  That has begun to change ever so slowly though as I start to see the small differences here and there as the weight comes off. 

The last few weeks I have been off as far as keeping up with what I am eating..how many calories I am burning, etc..even with my newfound friend (the BodyBugg!!) hehe  I have also given in to some of my urges and splurged more than I probably should have - but I don't think I went TOOO crazy..haha  Just between my son and I we polished off a dozen cupcakes..and a couple a dozen cookies..and I ate a whole bag of sour cream and onion pototoe chips!!  YUMMMM!!  haha  I have to admit the chips ARE a weakness of mine..and I generally just do NOT buy them which keeps me from eating them =)   but it is good to give in every once in a while... like I say.. I AM NOT ON A DIET!! =)  haha  I know everyone gets tired of hearing me say that...but it really is important to me that everyone realize that and does not act like I have commited some carnal sin when I splurge every now and again.. I am human afterall..

I somehow also got off on the keeping up with the scale.  But - since Thanksgiving.. I have gained a total of 4 pounds..  not too shabby I think.  That is workable!  It would be really great if I could get more disciplined and make the BodyBugg work FOR me like it is supposed to =)  That is going to be one of my goals thru out the next year is to make food journaling second nature and to always..always  end the day with a calorie deficit!!  YES!! 

I hope everyone does something fun for the New Year and stay tuned for some updated pics soon!  Thanks all for following me and leaving comments... it really DOES help to keep me motivated..

Live..Laugh  and BODYJAM!!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


I finally got a Body Bugg..woo hooo!!!  My awesome parents gave me a little money for Christmas..so I decided to go ahead and lease one from Total Health by Elizabeth =)  I got it last Saturday and it is really cool!  I have just started this week wearing it and checking out how many calories I am burning in all of my different exercise classes...very interesting.  I have not REALLY gotten into it yet tho enough to start posting numbers because I am trying to prepare for a short break and it has been crazy!!  So stay tuned for those!

Weigh in numbers this week were not so great..I gained...again.  1.2 pounds =(   But..I did go to a really cool Christmas party with my friend Nancy from the Y and met some new friends...so I am thinking it was worth it... I just have to be careful not to let it keep trending upwards. I have an out of town venture to visit with my family this weekend..so I will probably make some poor choices there..but hopefully I won't get too far off base.

Have a good week and stay tuned for the Body Bugg updates.. =)

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

UGH .. come on now! lol

Well - another weigh in day is here... not too bad - but not where I wanna be either =(  I have been off track this week ..I actually went to the gym last night for the first time since the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. My body was like whaaaa??  lol  I was feeling sickly all last week - mainly with a migraine..so I did not hit the gym. Plus - I did not eat great - sooo the two factors combined got me this week. I did not even gain a full pound   .8 to be exact... so not a big deal - but I want the scale to keep moving in the OTHER direction..lol  I actually hit my 60 lb mark during last week - but since it was not on an "official" weigh in..I guess I will wait until I can really count it haha

I have made up my mind to get a Body Bugg =)  My parents are giving me part of it for Christmas..so I am going to lease it for a little while and make sure I want to purchase it before jumping all the way in.  I really do think it is going to be a really cool tool to use on my journey.. we'll see!!  I can't wait to compare how certain exercises burn more calories than others, etc.  Should be interesting..

Until then...
Live..Laugh and BodyJam =)

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Sorry I missed posting last week - this has been a very trying few weeks for me in several areas. I actually gained .6 at my weigh in before today...but holy cow..when I stepped up on the scale today I was blown away!!  I had lost a little over 4 lbs during the week of  THANKSGIVING!!  yeee haw!  I was sooo happy to see that number.  Brings my total to 59.2 lbs lost - which means I am almost ready to start on my 5th goal =)  See..I am working towards my final destination in smaller goals of 15 lbs each.  I have never lost this much weight in my entire life and it feels fabulous!  I have dieted many times before - but typically I lose 40..maybe 45 lbs ..  and I may keep it off a little while before it begins to creep back up on me. I feel like this time it is really different..in a lot of ways.  The main one being that I don't feel like I am on a diet. I have said all along - I am NOT dieting..I am changing my entire lifestyle.  I am also at the point in my life where I am not doing this for anyone but me.  So look out world - that skinny girl that has been trapped inside this big 'ol fat body is on the way out! And she is smokin' hot!!  lol  Stay tuned...

Live..Love & BodyJam..