Saturday, March 6, 2010

So Blessed!

What a beautiful..gorgeous day this has been =)  We have had sooo many dreary, cold days - the sun popping thru those clouds today and the temp rising to an actual 60 degrees.. man I thought it was summertime already hehe  I went out last night with my singles group and we went to eat and then went roller skating.  It was really fun!  I have not been on skates in YEARS... but wow - it was really a blast!  I am so glad I have met this group of folks - they are pretty cool friends.  I wore my Body Bugg skating - and burned 700 calories in 2 hours!  It was awesome!  Then I got up this morning and went to Body Jam... burned 600 calories in about 50 minutes.  I posted on my facebook status that I had burned 600 calories in 50 minutes... that was ALMOST as fast as I could EAT them hehehe

While reading thru the comments on my last post... I noticed that Erika had given me the "Beautiful Blogger" award..  I have posted it on my Blog... check it out..super cool... THANKS ERIKA!!  That totally made my week!  Now..according to the rules of receiving the award... I have to post 7 things about myself... and then pass the award on to 7 other bloggers that I feel deserve it.  It was hard to pick 7 because I feel like there are ALOT of great blogs out there... but you will see my choices at the end.. Now on to the good stuff...ALL ABOUT ME  as Happy Bunny would say.... =)

1.  I am a Christian - this is the first thing I would ever want anyone to know about me.  I hope that if you are ever around me for any length of time.. you would know that and I wouldn't have to tell you  =)
2. I have an awesome 16 year old son whom I adore..and a gorgeous 17 year old step daughter that I am not allowed to see because of the new person in her dads life =(
3. My parents are  volunteer missionaries with the home mission board - and my brother is currently in seminary... very very very proud of all of them!
4. I work with the childrens ministry at my local church - and LOVE it!  Children are definately my passion!
5. I dream of having the kind of marriage my parents have...
6. I love to sing - tho I am not a professional by any stretch of the imagination... I love love love to just belt it out when I am driving down the road listening to the radio =)
7. I fear growing old alone...

ok... enough about me!  lol  Now on to the awards....  *clapping hands*

I would like to pass this award on to 7 very deserving ladies..  I enjoy reading their blogs and relate to them - really well =)  Thanks for sharing and keep it up ladies!!!  *drumroll please*
1. Keelie...  U can find her blog at
2. Michelle...  Look her up at
3.  Ellen Burr...  Check her out.. 
4. Dawne ...  Read her wisdom at 
5.  Someday SkinnyMinnie ... this is a girl after my own heart  lol  check it 
6.  Krys ..  click this one =) 
7. Lynn ..last but not least.. 

Ok ladies... your turn to pass the torch =)  Have fun!



  1. AWE--thank you!

    I am a new follower and just read through some of your posts..I really thought your post about being single forever was interesting. That is so lame that the men just cut off contact. I can see how frustrating that would be and see you rpoint of why even bother. God has a plan for you and I know you know that--but I bet he has a man for you that will love you for you no matter when you meet him.

    We also have a lot in common after reading your 7 facts.I am a Christian, my grandparents were home missionaries for over 40 yrs, I love to sing and I teach 4 yr. olds at church!!

    Looking forward to reading more..

  2. Thanks for the award! Who knew that I'd win an award for simply putting down random thoughts in a blog! Glad you enjoy it! By the way, what is a Body Bugg?

  3. Congratulations on your award. I thanked you on my blog today for the award you gave me. Thanks again!

  4. Krys - a Body Bugg is an electronic device that you wear and it tells you how many calories you have burned. It is what all the contestants on The Biggest Loser wear to help them and most of the ones that have kept it off have mentioned continuing to wear the Body Bugg. It really is a pretty cool tool =) google it and check it out. There are also different variations of it out there - as with most products.

  5. great job on burning those calories! I was wondering, is your step-daughter really your step daughter once you are no longer married to her father? I guess it depends a lot on how close that you were to her and how much time you spent together. I'm sure that must be really difficult. Keep up the good work. You'll meet your goal in no time. I want a body bugg.

  6. Technically - most people would probably say no..she's not.. however - her own mother had just died from cancer when I met her daddy and married him very soon after.. she and I formed a VERY close relationship. So much so - that I don't even consider her my STEPdaughter... but just my daughter..period.. she knows she is and always will be mine as far as I am concerned and that I will always and forever be here for her whenever she needs me or wants me. It's just that simple for me. As far as that goes - when my sons father and I divorced - I guess most people would say his mom was no longer my mother-in-law either..or his family was no longer a part of mine.. but I still talk to his mom every single day and I am very close to quite a few members of his family.. when I love someone - it is pretty genuine.. and it is hard to just remove that with a piece of paper =)

    You can lease/purchase a body bugg at the following url:

    Be sure and tell Elizabeth I sent you tho if you decide to get one from her =)

  7. OK, I will. Maybe you will be closer with your stepdaughter when she is old enough or able to decide for herself without anyone stopping her.

  8. yeah I think we probably will be closer as she gets older. We are pretty close now - I just don't get to spend time with her..kinda stinks..