Tuesday, October 6, 2009

It's a Miracle hehe

I LOST WEIGHT THIS WEEK!!  YES PEOPLE THAT'S WHAT I SAID...I ACTUALLY LOST!!  WOOOO HOOOO  =)   This week was one of those weeks that I fully expected the scale to show not only an increase - but a few pounds.  And it did - the middle of the week..lol  (yes, I am guilty of hoppin on that scale every few days just to peek at my progress haha)  I ate so many things this week  that I was not supposed to have - but they were all ohhh so good!  haha  I had girls night out Wednesday night..my son turned 16 yrs old on Thursday - so we had dinner and ice cream cake. Then, I figured I had already blown it at the Comedy Club on Wednesday so I even went to Chili's for lunch on Thursday and ate that triple dipper thing.. :-o  YUM! 

I did continue to exercise all week - and on Friday I went to the store and got salad and grapes and had that pretty much for 2 days and exercised like a mad woman..lol  When I hopped up on the scale this morning - all I could say was "Thank you Lord!" I had lost 2.6 lbs - which put me 51 pounds down total... yeah... the scale is moving in the right direction again.

I am researching this lil item called a BodyBugg - they use it on the Biggest Loser and I think it would be very very helpful in my journey.. just not sure about it yet.  Stay tuned for more info..  Thanks for all the comments and support!

Special shout out this week to Nancy at the Y.. she has been sooo sweet to take in some of my fav clothes now that they don't fit anymore... you're awesome girl!!


  1. woot woot! Thumbs up girl! What is a bodybugg?

  2. It is an electronic device that u wear that tells u exactly how many calories you burn throughout the day - which would really help in knowing if you are eating too much or too little to manage your weight. I have had alot of issues with that. I work out like crazy - but sometimes still gain or don't lose any. My trainer has said it could be because I am not eating enough food for the amount of exercise I am doing. But it is hard to really know that without really knowing for sure how many calories I am expending thru the day.