Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Short n Sweet

OK - well ... the scale is still headed the wrong direction.... but that's ok... I truly believe the little fluctuation is muscle that I am gaining due to the added step  We'll see in the coming weeks I guess..  My gain this week was very minimal   .6   I can handle that.  I am headed to the comedy club tonite for a "girls night out" though and will eat there..soooo not the best food tonite.  My BABY BOY turns 16 tomorrow (where does the time go folks??) so I will also be going out to dinner and then coming home to eat Blizzard Cake from the DQ..  so I will alert the media now.... do NOT expect a loss next week people :-p   

On the bright side.. a friend asked me to post a "full length comparison" of myself and it is pretty awesome if I may say so myself... love it!!  Can't wait to see the one at the end of this journey and just sit in awe of myself  haha..


  1. Could not believe those photos on Monday! Look again - it's not only the weight, it's the way you carry yourself!!! See you Monday!

  2. Wow, congratulations! What a great tranformation :)