Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Surprise?? Not really.. :-/

Well..  I had an awesome week..  and it shows on the scale.  That soo totally sux!!  It is soooo easy to put it on and so hard to take it off... just not fair!! LOL
I gained 4 pounds this week =(  It will probably take me 3 weeks to take that back off UGH!!  But it was not really a I ate pretty much whatever I wanted this last week. 

Soooo...I jumped back on the wagon this week full speed ahead.  Body Jam 50 premiered Monday night at the Shelby County Y and OMGGGG  it was INCREDIBLE!! I am going to love that one =)   I also received a new home exercise thing that I had ordered previously called "The Wave" from the Firm... going to rock that wave and see what happens hehe 

I still want a BodyBugg really bad!!  But my sweet trainer Jim is working really hard trying to get my eating back on track..I have even been eating cottage cheese for breakfast - and those of you that know me personally..knows that is HUGE!! lol

I had a really awesome weekend with my friend from HS..Sandy =)  Her lil baby dog is so cute..I was allergic to her fur - but she was so cute I didn't care..  am putting a pic of her here so u can see what I mean hehe Her "mommy" dresses her up and dotes on her worse than a child  lol  But it was alot of fun..thanks Sandy..I needed that girl!  Can't wait until the Ala/AU game - hope I get to come!!

Cynthia girl.. u look awesome!!  I hope I can get to where u are... you keep me going!! I am so proud of you!!
Laters guys!!

Kimmy in her "snuggie"


  1. Awww! Thanks Cass! We miss u and really hope u come back for the Auburn/Alabama game. U r certainly welcome here anytime. Mom enjoyed u so much that she even offered to go c u in bham. Ur doing great on ur weight loss program. It's ok. to have some fun, especially when u work out as hard as u do. Love ya.

  2. Hello! I just found you & am so glad. I scrolled down your blog to get aquainted and saw your before/after pics. Wow! that is a huge difference--there is definitely a "waist" improvement. :D congratulations! Deb

  3. Thanks Deb! I can't wait to be able to post those final Before and after pics =) They are going to rock! Thanks for reading and for the comments..the comments always cheer me up!

    Sandy girl.. I hope I get to come too..tell ur mom hey for me..she was a sweetheart!