Tuesday, September 22, 2009

50 IS NIFTY!! haha

Ok guys..I have officially changed my weigh in day to Tuesday instead of Monday...I mean..really...who wants to weigh in on a Monday anyways right??  And I should have already updated this thing last Tuesday because after whining that I did not hit my 50..after all my workout time on Monday..I did hit my 50 on Tuesday morning.. yeah!!  And let me tell you..it felt awesome!!   The bad news is that I celebrated a little too much this week and gained a pound back UGH!!  and I thought for sure those 4 friggin hours I spent in the gym yesterday would take care of that.. but noooo...  still showing a gain of .8   ppsshhh!!  I know.. I am gaining LEG MUSCLE from all the step classes...*looking at Cynthia here.... THAT'S what yours is too girl!!  hehehe  My good friend at the Shelby County Y that has lost well over 100 lbs  (YOU GO GIRLIE) and btw has already bought her goal size jeans  *sooo jealous!!  has been a little discouraged because the scale has showed a slight gain on her too for the past two weeks... but let me tell you Cynthia..if you are reading this (and you better be  LOL)   you are still looking FANTABULOUS!!  so it's muscle girl...we are gaining muscle!!  =)     I took another pic... this one is a full length of me today..  I finally bought a few items of clothing that "fit me"  now  haha  so the pants are not sagging in the middle and you can actually begin to see my weight loss.. Let me know what you all think.. Need to sign off for now.. Cya!!


  1. Looking GOOOOOD!!!! Keep it up girl. Shopping for new clothes is so much fun!

  2. Cassi, looking at you at Body Pump on Monday, you look great! It's amazing what getting some clothes that FIT will do for both the way you look and the way you feel. I did the same thing with my workout clothes a couple of weeks ago, and now I'm more eager to work out than ever!