Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Well..it's about time =)

Weigh in day was good this week... not as good as I would like for it to be - but alot better than it has been the past few weeks. I lost 2 pounds this week - YEAH!! It is so perplexing to me though - cause this week I only went to the gym twice (as opposed to about 9 times) and was very lax on watching what I was eating.. GO FIGURE!!

I got a new car.. that was a huge plus this weekend! Not looking forward to the payments - as I had been car payment free for a while..but with my son about to be sliding behind the wheel..it was time =) And it is sooo nice to be in something new.

I did have a challenging weekend though overall... my son was diagnosed with swine flu - JOY! Then - I was really excited about a date I had Saturday night. I had been talking to this guy for several weeks - he was very cute, we seemed to have quite a bit in common and overall both of us seemed excited with the prospect of meeting. We had seen pics of one another - so I really didn't anticipate any major shocks or anything. But I guess sometimes people just don't click. It just seems to happen more often than not these days with me and it has left me wondering IS there something wrong with me that I don't see? I have always felt that I have alot to offer the right person..grant it - I NEED to get the extra weight off... but the person INSIDE is a pretty awesome gal! At least I always thought I was - but these stupid guys sure are making me wonder about that. And the bad thing about it is that I have always been such an emotional eater - when I start feeling this way..I just want to EAT!! I have really had to fight some incredible urges to just go PIG OUT!! Part of me feels like if people are not going to like me anyway..why am I bothering?? And then I have to remember - I AM DOING THIS FOR ME!! ME!!! not anyone else..

Met with a different trainer this weekend also - just to get some new ideas to shake things up a little and maybe get me jump started back on the right track again...will see how these things affect my loss in the coming weeks. Stay tuned! =)

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  1. Somehow I doubt that the problem is you. Just always be real when you're out on dates. You can never go wrong. Hang in there. Love finds you when you're least expecting it.