Monday, August 17, 2009

Weigh in Day!! 3rd Goal Met!! Yee Haww!!

OK guys! This is going to be short n sweet as I am posting at work :-0 hehe I will add more when I get home tonite and spruce it up a little... I have now hit my 3rd goal!! I have of today.. lost 45 pounds!! yee haw!! I will add more tonite so check back!! Thanks for checkin in! Have a great Monday!

Ok.. was a Monday - but all I had to do all day long to make myself smile was remember that I have lost 45 pounds =) what a wonderful feeling.. My next goal is going to be a big one. It will only be 15 pounds..just like the last 3....but the difference will be that I have lost 45 pounds before....but never in all my years of dieting..have I ever lost 60 pounds at one time. Soooo..when I hit that 60 pound mark - it is going to be sweeet! =) I honestly can't even imagine each marker after that how I am going to feel. I am so ready for this change it is unbelievable.

My workout tonite was awesome. I go to the YMCA and I take several classes there. My favorite one right now is BodyJam. It is so incredible and such a great workout. I am always soaking wet when I leave there and feel soooo good! I am exhausted - but in a great way! It is also great to get to hang out with adult people that also like to work out. Being a single mom, I don't have alot of friends to do things those people that you see every week at the gym and begin to forge a "gym friendship" with are pretty cool. Sad, huh? lol

Ok..starting to ramble again... closing today. I promise I will post a more "together" entry next time =)



  1. Yay Cassi! I can so see a transformation in you not only physically, but in your entire outlook, when you reach a goal. That high makes it totally worth it! Keep up the good work, and I completely admire how brave you are for starting this blog.

  2. Thx Cynthia!! I sooo admire you Ms. I just bought my goal size jeans!! =) YOU are lookin sooo hot lil missy!! I can not WAIT to get where you are right now!! Thanks for stoppin by!