Friday, August 14, 2009

Goals?? hmmmm

A lot of people when they start thinking about losing weight – start thinking about what their “goals” will be.. either short term ones along the way if they have a long way to I do. Or just the end goal if they just have a short way to go. I know I did that..with an end goal of 168 lbs gone – I knew I needed some short term goals along the way to keep me motivated or I would never make it. So I broke my weight loss up into smaller 15 lb goals. I have met 2 of those goals so far..I actually did that fairly quickly. It has taken me A LOT longer to hit this 3rd goal of 15 lbs than I would have liked, but I am getting there. I have a little over a pound (but not quite 2) to hit it. =) I weigh in every Monday morning as soon as I get up. I am hoping to report a 3rd goal down this Monday, the 17th.

I have noticed along the way though that it is the smaller things that a lot of people take for granted that mean 10 times more sometimes than that number on the scale. Let me give you a few examples (maybe I can do this without bawling, as last night when I was trying to put this post together in my head..I cried half the crazy huh) of what I mean by this. 1) Do you go to the movie theatre to watch movies? Sounds like a dumb question doesn’t it? But.. most people don’t think twice about it – if they want to see a movie, they go..sit down, watch it and enjoy it or they don’t. For an overweight person, it can be an uncomfortable experience. I actually noticed this one a few years ago..the 1st time I lost over 40lbs at one time when I was on WW. When I was sooo heavy (close to 300 lbs) and would go to watch a movie – when I would sit in the seats, my hips actually were crushed up against the arms of the seat. So much so, that a lot of times – I would have bruises on my hips for days afterwards from the arms of the seat. I would almost have to pry myself out of the seat upon leaving the theatre – it was very uncomfortable to sit that way for the length of time you have to sit and watch a movie. The first time I went to a movie after I had lost over 40 lbs.. I was with my son (God Bless Him) and I think I embarrassed the poor child to death. LOL We got our refreshments, went in and sat down. About the time my butt hit the seat..I jumped back up like a bee had stung me..sat back down..did it again (the whole time with this big Cheshire grin on my face..I imagine I looked quite comical) sat back down…did it again…about the 3rd time I did this, my poor lil boy says, ‘MOM!!! What ARE you doing??” I sat down, turned to him with tears rolling down my face and said, “ I FIT in the seat!!! My hips are not touching the sides AT ALL… LOOK!! “ and hopped up and down a few more times for affect.. haha His face was so red..poor thing ( I think he was maybe 11 at the time) He just shook his head at me and asked me to please stop..which I did..eventually.. LOL Some other things that I have not yet gotten to, but am soo looking forward to – that I bet the majority of you have NEVER thought of (unless your overweight also) are 2) when I step out of the shower every morning and grab my oversized towel to dry off and then wrap it around myself to do my hair, make-up, etc.. I will be sooo happy when the damn thing actually closes and stops leaving my left breast hanging out in the cold to air dry (poor thing) I mean….COME ‘ON it is already an OVERSIZED towel..right??!! and THEN the day when I can actually wrap a regular sized towel around me and have IT close THAT WILL BE THE DAY!! =) lol 3) The ability to walk into ANY store of my chosing and purchasing those “cute” clothes off the rack.. instead of having to shop at Lane Bryant or ordering my clothes offline from the fat people shop =( 4)Boarding an airplane and not having to stop the size 0 stewardess and ask her for a seatbelt extender so I can buckle up!! 5) Being able to go to an amusement park with my son and actually RIDE something with him… I have not been to 6 Flags or anywhere like that since before he was born because the last time I was there with his daddy, I waited for hours and hours to get on one of the new rides and when we finally got to the front of the line – I was unable to ride, because the bar would not close over my lap =( I tried once..sometime in 2003 or so to take the kids somewhere like that and they had a model of the ride seat outside the line area to see if you fit in the seat… HA I couldn’t even get half of me in it… very disappointing.

So.. there ya have it..some of the goals that will mean a lot, but really have nothing to do with the numbers on the scale – and that I would be willing to bet 9/10 skinny people have never even considered. Just as I am sure there are things that skinny people go thru that others never
consider as well .


  1. Hi Cassi. I am a follower of Tyler's 344pounds blog and I saw your link there under the comments so I thought I would come on over and check out your blog. I love it! I am in a VERY similar situation. 44 years old, I have 157 pounds to lose. I started the last week of May of this year and have lost 33 pounds to date. So you have just a slight lead on me... :-D

    I will continue following your blog and I wish you the best of luck. I look forward to seeing your progress. I can already notice a huge difference in your starting photograph to your current photograph.


  2. Hey Sandra!! Thanks for coming over and checking out my blog! Good luck to you too.. keep me posted on your progress as well..always good to have people in the same shoes..yanno! Tyler is doing awesome too - tho it is irritating how much more quickly men seem to lose than we women haha Altho I do have to hand it to him.. he is literally working his butt off..hehe Good luck and again..thanks for droppin by!