Monday, August 24, 2009

One step forward ~ Two steps back!! UGH!

Weigh in Day... I hate Mondays! Why did I chose to weigh in on Mondays? What WAS I thinking anyways?? LOL Mondays are bad enough without having the added stress of worrying if I lost those pounds I have been trying so hard to lose or if I possibly gained a pound or two. Last week was SUCH a high because I FINALLY hit that 3rd 15 pound goal making my total loss a whopping 45 pounds!! That was exciting - but man it felt like forever getting there. I lost the 1st 15 in 7 weeks...hit the 2nd goal in week 13 - but it took me 10 more weeks..until week 23 to hit that 3rd goal...those extra 4 weeks just seemed like an eternity!! When I began this journey - I knew it was going to be a long haul..not something that was going to happen overnight..but you still get to that point at times when you just want the weight to COME OFF!!! It just wasn't happening fast enough for me and it was very frustrating!!

I read this article in Women First magazine about a Fruit Detox that would "melt off up to 16 lbs in 4 days". Basically it was a concoction of Organic lemon juice, Grade B Syrup and Cayenne pepper. You don't eat anything for 4 days, you mix this junk up with water and drink it every 2-3 hours all day. Ok - that sounded a little crazy to me - but the article covered this chick that had supposedly done "mini cleanses" for 2 days at a time for several months and lost like forty something pounds .. usually about 9 pounds at a time. What??!! 9 pounds in 2 days? woot woot.. ok I was IN!! lol I have never in my entire life gone a full day without eating anything...could I do this?? Are you kidding? For 9 pounds in one week?? YES!! I ordered me some lemon juice, and syrup and got ready. I tried this Thursday and Friday of last week. I fully expected to be in the bathroom most of those days..I mean it was supposed to be a cleansing..right?? How else was I supposed to lose all that weight? I did not have that result. I drank that yuk all day Thursday - without eating and made it through most of the day Friday before giving in and going to eat. Looking back now, I wonder was I supposed to puke after each time I drank it?? LOL Because I tell you, I had to fight really really hard each time NOT to...maybe that was how I was supposed to lose the 9 pounds..because surprise...I did NOT lose 9 pounds..I GAINED A POUND this week!!! AARRGGHHHH!!!! lol well...I guess that's what I get for trying to hurry things a long huh?

Well... guess it's hit that gym harder and harder this week!!


  1. I guess you just confirmed that there is no quick fix and this is a long battle!

    By the way, think about moving your weigh in day to Friday morning. You probably eat a little more over the weekend than you do on weekdays, and you are probably heavier on Monday mornings than you would be even in the middle of the week. Just a thought - it might be good for morale!

  2. I've also tried that diet. It was called the "Master cleanse" and it was for 10 days. Didn't work for me, but I only stuck with it for about 3 days. It was boring!