Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Leg butt?? hehe

Ok.. if there are any men reading my blog they are going to think I have lost my ever luvin mind.. and if there are any reading it that MIGHT be interested in me romantically..I am warning you now...STOP READING this post haha it will be hazardous to your attraction..I promise!!

Does anyone have ANY clue what I even mean by "leg butt"? If you have been overweight for any length of time.. you probably Then again, I don't know..I can honestly say that I never had one until this past year - or at least if I did, I never noticed it..and I really think I would have noticed It is driving me CrAzY!! ok ok ok.. what DO I mean?? I will tell you..get naked..stand with your feet together and look in the mirror.. when I do this - my thighs rub together and I have evidently gained some extra fat on the inside of my thighs..LOL this little bit of extra fat there actually looks like a little baby butt sitting on my legs when I have my feet together and am standing looking in the mirror.. UGH.. it is NOT a happy feeling. Have any of you seen the promo for the new Courtney Cox series starting this fall called "Cougar Town"? In the starts out by saying"there comes a time in every womans life when she has to take a long hard look in the mirror and ask herself....what the hell is that?" HAHA That is exactly how I feel right about now. In the past, even with my weight - it had never really BOTHERED me to go to the pool, etc.. but getting in a bathing suit this year was mortifying..I felt like everyone was looking at my leg butt..LOL I have been really working trying to tone and firm this area up - it is just being very stubborn. I can't wait until I am rid of all this extra flab and I can stand proudly in whatever I choose to wear! I am almost at my 3rd goal of 45 pounds down =) (I broke down the 168 pounds into smaller goals of 15 pounds at a time)

I feel like I am rambling I will close for tonite..I need to go put my sons clothes in the dryer as his first day of his sophomore year is tomorrow. Man they grow up so quickly.. my step daughter will be a Junior this year...where does the time go??


  1. Hey girl, you're doing great! I can't say that I've ever heard of Leg Butt though... LOL Guess I now have to keep up with this stinking blog too LOL Just kiddin, see ya!

    ~ Secret Trainer ;-)

  2. hahaha yeah well..leave it to MEEE to come up with something new!! and yes sir you better keep up with this stinkin blog buddy!! lol