Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Sorry I missed posting last week - this has been a very trying few weeks for me in several areas. I actually gained .6 at my weigh in before today...but holy cow..when I stepped up on the scale today I was blown away!!  I had lost a little over 4 lbs during the week of  THANKSGIVING!!  yeee haw!  I was sooo happy to see that number.  Brings my total to 59.2 lbs lost - which means I am almost ready to start on my 5th goal =)  See..I am working towards my final destination in smaller goals of 15 lbs each.  I have never lost this much weight in my entire life and it feels fabulous!  I have dieted many times before - but typically I lose 40..maybe 45 lbs ..  and I may keep it off a little while before it begins to creep back up on me. I feel like this time it is really different..in a lot of ways.  The main one being that I don't feel like I am on a diet. I have said all along - I am NOT dieting..I am changing my entire lifestyle.  I am also at the point in my life where I am not doing this for anyone but me.  So look out world - that skinny girl that has been trapped inside this big 'ol fat body is on the way out! And she is smokin' hot!!  lol  Stay tuned...

Live..Love & BodyJam..

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  1. Now this is the attitude I like to see, you ARE going to achieve your goals. I am so happy for you, and I knew you could do this when you made your mind up to do it. You are a strong woman, and I believe in you. We are gonna have to get together soon and set ya up with a new routine for the free weights. Time to change it up a bit, keep the classes, but now you need to shock those muscles :-) Love ya girl, keep it up! Jim