Tuesday, December 8, 2009

UGH .. come on now! lol

Well - another weigh in day is here... not too bad - but not where I wanna be either =(  I have been off track this week ..I actually went to the gym last night for the first time since the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. My body was like whaaaa??  lol  I was feeling sickly all last week - mainly with a migraine..so I did not hit the gym. Plus - I did not eat great - sooo the two factors combined got me this week. I did not even gain a full pound   .8 to be exact... so not a big deal - but I want the scale to keep moving in the OTHER direction..lol  I actually hit my 60 lb mark during last week - but since it was not on an "official" weigh in..I guess I will wait until I can really count it haha

I have made up my mind to get a Body Bugg =)  My parents are giving me part of it for Christmas..so I am going to lease it for a little while and make sure I want to purchase it before jumping all the way in.  I really do think it is going to be a really cool tool to use on my journey.. we'll see!!  I can't wait to compare how certain exercises burn more calories than others, etc.  Should be interesting..

Until then...
Live..Laugh and BodyJam =)

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