Wednesday, December 16, 2009


I finally got a Body Bugg..woo hooo!!!  My awesome parents gave me a little money for I decided to go ahead and lease one from Total Health by Elizabeth =)  I got it last Saturday and it is really cool!  I have just started this week wearing it and checking out how many calories I am burning in all of my different exercise classes...very interesting.  I have not REALLY gotten into it yet tho enough to start posting numbers because I am trying to prepare for a short break and it has been crazy!!  So stay tuned for those!

Weigh in numbers this week were not so great..I gained...again.  1.2 pounds =(   But..I did go to a really cool Christmas party with my friend Nancy from the Y and met some new I am thinking it was worth it... I just have to be careful not to let it keep trending upwards. I have an out of town venture to visit with my family this I will probably make some poor choices there..but hopefully I won't get too far off base.

Have a good week and stay tuned for the Body Bugg updates.. =)

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