Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Yes! On the road again... to success =)

Finally..  a weigh in - in the right direction!!  Yeah.. lost 3.5 this week  yee haw!  I have been mixing up my exercise program and I think it has helped some.  I think my body had gotten used to the exercise routine that I was doing and the mixing threw it for a loop ~ a good one. 

I have started spinning in place of step.. that has been an experience.  I like it tho.  I think it will be a while before I have a good solid ride though - meaning where I can stand when they say stand and stay up the whole time they are up..increase intensity every time she says to..etc..  But so far - I think I have done pretty well. I think I may need to get a knee brace tho for my left knee.. it is hurting some when I spin =(  

I am also walking more... when I first began this journey last year..that was my main form of exercise and it did me well then...  my lunch time classes have kind of gotten stale..so have decided when I don't want to do anything else.. I will just go walk.  I was amazed that I burned almost 600 calories yesterday by walking 3 miles at lunch. That is waaaay more than I ever burned at step or crunk at lunch.  I LOVE having the BodyBugg so that I actually know that =)

I also threw some swim time into the mix today. I love the water - and it feels sooo good right after a good spin to get in and swim a few laps.  My friend Cynthia that has lost so much weight - swims ALOT.. she is trying to get me start swimming at 5:30 when she does.. haha  I am sooo not a morning person.. but maybe this would help flip my body out a little too.. keep it guessing.. keep it burning =)

I am trying out a new eating program that I read about on one of the blogs I follow here - called "Eat Stop Eat".. basically you eat moderately 5 days out of the week and fast for 2. The thing is - you never go one entire day without eating.. you fast for 24 hours.. but you fast from like 8am Monday until 8am Tuesday..  so you would have eaten breakfast on Monday..I just started it this week and have fasted one day so far - I think I am going to like it. I am interested to see what the results on the scale will be..

Well... the BIG DAY is next week... Tuesday  to be exact.. weigh in day no less  haha  I will be the BIG 4 0!! I soo wanted to be at least halfway to my goal by now =(  It would also be really nice to have a boyfriend on my birthday for once..  I have been alone for so long - it stinks!!  I keep thinking there IS someone out there for me.. God just has him waiting for me.. but REALLY.. I am about to be FORTY...  send him on overrrrr already!!!  LOL

Ok guys.. headed to bed.. as always.. leave me love <3

Live..Love..Laugh and BodyJam!!


  1. WhooHoo, good report. Hang in there sweetpea it will get better and just remember you said this is a lifestyle change and not a diet. Like that you enjoy the exercises. If I did what you are doing I might not be in the shape I am in now. Fight those health problems and enjoy yourself.

  2. That is great! Just think back on all that you have accomplished this year and enjoy your birthday. Live your life and keep doing what you are doing and by next year, you may already have reached your goals and added years to your life.

  3. 5:30 is not too bad. It definitely is red eye for most, but don't worry about it and just do it. That is the best time to hit a pool as well, as only people who are dedicated to it will be there. Get in there, be determined, and get a workout in. After a while, your body will come to it, and define it's time to workout, and that is truly a wonderful way of starting the day.

    Do NOT give up on yourself, keep working hard, and making slow, steady changes to diet, you will reach your goal.