Thursday, February 18, 2010

Losing followers =(

Well.. I guess I need to get on the ball and stay on top of this blog..I am starting to lose my faithful followers  =(
That's sooo not a good thing because it is the comments from the crowd that keep me motivated and keep me plodding down this path!  I am having such a hard time getting back on the right track after the Christmas holidays...and I really don't understand why.  I have felt sooo great since losing the weight I have lost so far..why on earth would I sabatoge myself and start to gain it back??  My son has been so proud of me - I HAVE to get going again! 

My trainer - Jim.. has started me on a weight lifting regimen in addition to my aerobics. It nearly killed me the 1st week.. but am currently on the 3rd week and it is starting not to make me quite so sore every week =)  He is commenting about me on his FB page.. trying to use ME to motivate others.  Psshh..  he needs to quit.. I do not need that kind of pressure  haha  Now everyone is going to be watching my progress (hmm think that was his plan)  lol

Great to see my folks for an unexpected visit this week... I really wanted to have hit that 100 by April when they come back...  =(  That is not happening bar a miracle..  but I need to at least get back to and pass where I was before the holidays before then.  Ya'll cheer me on... I need it!!

Live..Laugh..Love and ?? 


  1. Thanks Dayna!! I sure am trying girl.. hey how are your walk ups doing? Wasn't that u that ordered those?

  2. Just keep it up. I'm still followin'. : )