Wednesday, November 4, 2009


I sooo wanted to lose this week - even if it was just a  But I guess maintaining over Halloween weekend was pretty good =)  At least I did not gain either..that's something I guess.  I am beginning to get more I am going to have to do much better with my updates.  I think of stuff all thru the day that I will want to share - but alot of times by the time I get home at night it has completely left  I need to  be up on my treadclimber right now working my butt off because I just ate hot wings for dinner :-0  hehe  but they were sooo good!  I had southwestern eggrolls from Chilis on Monday too.  Yanno - this IS real life... there are going to be days when I just have to have what I am craving to be able to continue on my journey.  I am ..afterall..NOT on a diet =)  

I finally got set up on the FitLinx machines at the downtown gym today..yeah!  I have been set up on them at the gym closest to my house almost the entire time I have been working out again..but also spend alot of time at the downtown it will be great to be able to do the weights there now as well.  I reached my "yellow" level last week..earning a workout towel.  I had previously won a water bottle for the 1st level.  Those are silly little awards - the towel I will probably never use, but it still felt great to reach that level.

My son is now driving - which is great..but also kind of stressful.  He does a great job.. but it does not keep me from worrying about him  He is a great motivator that keeps me moving towards my goal. He told me the other day how proud he was of me for "sticking with it this time".  I can not wait to pose for that "skinny" pic and be able to see the proud look on his face!

Well.. guess it is time for me to call it a night...more later =)

Live,Laugh..Love -


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