Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Maybe it's the rain?!?

hahaha  not really...I know FULL well that I have no one to blame for the scale this week but ME :-/   I gained two and a half pounds this week.  Why is it soooo easy to gain it and so friggin hard to lose it again? Just seems so unfair! I mean..it is not rocket science - I know I ate ALL the wrong things ALL weekend long. I love my weekends - but they are my downfall alot of the time.  I sit home - watching the TV..and inevitably end up stuffing my face with things that I would not dream of eating during the week. WHY do I do that?  I work soo hard all week long - and then blow it all in 2 days!!  And it is not because I don't work out on the weekends either..because almost every saturday I spend at least 2 hours in the gym. I work it too.. Here is a pic of me at the gym one Saturday morning before my workout and then right after my 2nd hour.. I definately give it my all...lol

The back of my hair is as wet as the front here..lol

I also love the way I feel after a good long workout. I am always super tired - but energized at the same time if that makes any sense.  Lately tho - I have been having problems with one of my heels. It doesn't bother me much while I am working out..but as soon as I quit - it really hurts.  Sometimes I can't even walk on it afterwards..which is odd.  Several folks have told me they thought I may have a bone spur in my heel  =(  Not good.  But I have to work out... I have waaay too far to go to quit now.  I may just have to get myself an early Christmas present and invest in some new shoes. I hate to do that because I have spent so much money on shoes since I started working out - but I really need these.  I have done alot of research and asked around and I feel like these will be the ticket.  I am looking at Nike Shox Ballo cross trainers.  I don't know - maybe I could sell some of the others I have bought that are barely used on craigs list or something. 

I am also still looking into the BodyBugg.. I really think it's cool =)

Ok peeps..that's all for now..leave stuff and spread the word..



  1. Have you thought about the GoWear Fit? I have one of those and it is less expensive than the bodybugg.

  2. hmmm no I had not heard of that one. I did go look it up tho and for the armband and display it is about the same price. I guess the Body Bugg hit my radar more since it has been on national TV. I think it is newer too, isn't it? Do u like ur device? Do u wear it everyday? You look FABULOUS by the way! Congrats on ur weight loss!!